Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup

       This soup that was one of the first that was served at the bagel shop, and it was quite well received.  It is hearty and filling.  You can substitute for lower fat ingredients, but you will sacrifice plenty of flavor.

  •  1 2/3 lbs of white mushroom
  •  2/3 of a stick of butter
  •   ½ medium onion – chopped
  •    ¼ cup flour
  •   2 cups heavy cream
  •   2 cups chicken stock
  •   2 tbsps tamari (or soy sauce)
  •     Salt/Pepper/cayenne
  •    1 tsp rosemary
  •    1 tsp thyme
Total time: 1 hour

Start out by chopping the mushrooms into different sizes. My general rule is 1/3 sliced, 1/3 chopped, and 1/3 minced.  If you prefer a more smooth soup, cut more of the mushrooms smaller. 

Next, melt 1/3 of stick of butter in a large pot, and add chopped onions. Saute until tender.  Add all the mushrooms, salt, pepper, cayenne, tamari, rosemary and thyme.  Cook mushrooms until only a small amount of water remains in the pot (the water comes from the mushrooms as they are mostly water).

When the mushroom mixture is almost done, in a separate smaller pot, melt the other 1/3 stick of butter.  Once melted add the flour and mix thoroughly.  Let this roux cook for a few minutes on the heat to get rid to the flour taste.  Combine the chicken stock and roux.

NOTE: Below is a picture of a standard liquid stock you can buy at most stores.  Next to that is what most restaurants use.  It is a paste that you add to water and make your own stock.  It is much less expensive if you make soup often and don't make your own stock.

Once the stock and roux are fully mixed you can add this to the mushroom mixture.  As you stir in the roux you will notice the soup thickening immediately. Leave it on low heat and warm up your cream in the same small pot used for the roux.  This will get anything that remains in the pot mixed with cream.  Once the cream is tempered, you can add it to the mushroom, and “Voila”, soup is ready. 

If you like your soup thicker, you can leave it on the heat and reduce until desired thickness.

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