Simple Steak

This is a simple, but delicious meal.  I have found that people cook steaks many different ways and here is mine.

  • 1 12 oz Ribeye or Sirloin steak
  • 2 Tbsps butter 
  • Seasoning mixture of choice for steak
Special tools:
  • Cast iron grill pan
Time: 10 minutes to heat pan, 15 minutes cooking time, 10 minutes cooling time.
Total time: 35 minutes

I find my cast iron grill pan indispensable for both winter and summer cooking.  I use a form of cast for almost all my meat cooking and have even used it on the outdoor grill. It seems to retain more heat and still gives you that smoky flavor many are looking for when cooking outdoors.

Heat oven to 350 degrees

I like to butter my steaks and apply any seasoning on the butter.  When the grill pan is good and hot (if you have a fan above the stove, turn it on high) butter and spice one side of the steak.  Place the steak in the pan, butter side down, so the grill marks will be at 45 degree angle to the sides.  If you assume the grill lines start at the nine o’clock position on one side and the three o’clock position on the other, your steak should start out pointing at the 10 o’clock position.    
After about 3 minutes, lift steaks and place on grill (same side down) with the steak pointing at the two o’clock position. 
 Just before turning steak over, butter and season the top side and repeat the grilling style from above.

After searing the steak on both sides, place cast iron with steak in the oven and let cook to desired wellness.  The thickness of your steak will determine the time in the oven.

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  1. Tried this tonight, had perfect sear marks and a tasty steak too


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