Simple Syrup & 3 Lemon Lime Drinks!

Simple Syrup and A Few 
uses for it.

Cocktail time!

Some very simple homemade items can make a huge impact on parties.  This simple syrup is one of the building blocks I always have on hand. You can make simple simple syrup without the fruit, but I like to start with flavor, and add on. Here is the simple syrup recipe and three drink recipes that use it. Play around with adding spirits to spice these up a bit or leave them as is for everyone to enjoy.

Lemon/Lime Simple syrup

Total Time: 10 minutes

·         2 cups water
·         1 ½ cups sugar
·         Zest of one lemon and one lime
·         Juice of one lemon and one lime

Place all ingredients in a small pot and simmer until sugar is dissolved.  If you want a clear simple syrup you can leave out the zest, but I would add the juice of another lemon and lime. 
This mixture will last in the fridge for at least two weeks.  It is the base for creative cocktails of all kinds.

Lemon/Lime “Ade”

Total Time: 5 minutes (plus the 10 for the simple syrup)

·         1 part simple syrup
·         1 part juice of fresh lemons (yes, it had to be fresh lemons)
·         1 ½ part water (for a sweeter “ade” use 1 part )

I prefer to leave this mixture in the fridge and add ice when serving, so as not to dilute.

Lemon/Lime Spritzer

Total time: 5 minutes (plus the 10 minutes for simple syrup)
·         1 part Lemon/Lime Ade
·         3 parts Soda water
·         1 part vodka (optional)

This is a great bubbly and refreshing homemade drink to serve to friends.  If you think they will consume it quickly, make it in a pitcher and serve with lemon or lime slices.

Fancy Spritzer

·         1 part Lemon/Lime Ade
·         3 parts “Champagne”

Same as above, serve individually or in a pitcher.  Garnish with fresh fruit.  From these building blocks I think the possibilities are only limited to your own tastes and creativity.

*Note:  I use Cava or Prosecco for almost all my sparkling wine consumption.  Cava is Spanish, and Prosecco is the Italian version.  Champagne can only be named for products that come the Champagne region of France.  There are slight differences but the others usually have a higher quality for the price.  I would like to thank my friend Conor for introducing me to the joys of Cava and for a nice hangover one New Year’s day.

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