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We've been up and running for four months and we've been amazed by the support we have been given! We've had 8,000 views on our site which is much beyond our expectations. We are ramping up and hope to have some new exciting things to share with you in the next few months. This is the beginning of the Journal section of the site which should keep you up to date with any formal updates. The facebook page will be a journal of John's daily food adventure which informs the recipes on our site.

Here's a piece of our history for a laugh. While shooting the other night John told me that he found my job application from the first fateful day I walked into O'bagelo's. I responded by saying, "I can't believe you made me fill out a real application!" He sure needed my minor biographical information, but an application? Come on! Upon closer inspection we found out that only 1/4 of the two stapled pieces of paper were filled out and fittingly the rest were blank. 

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