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February, 16, 2015

On February 8, the Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester N.Y., did a large story on my health, my old restaurants, this website, and organ donation.  Karen Miltner did a a great job bringing a very difficult subject matter to the forefront for many people.  It is a long piece with many varied points of interest, I hope that you will find something of value.

Here is the link, for those who have not had a chance to see or read the article.

In addition to the great press for my website, Karen's article has had a positive impact on many of the patients who suffer from kidney disease.  I am getting plenty of feedback from the patients I know and also from those I do not.

They have all expressed their gratitude for the empathy and understanding that was portrayed in the piece.  We often feel like forgotten people in our individual worlds as those around us see us on good days and not on the bad.

Thank you Karen, not just from me, but if I can be bold enough to say it for all those who suffer from this disease.


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