Olindo Italian Imports and Cash & Carry
1510 Lyell Avenue
Rochester, NY 14606

I use this section to highlight businesses that I have used over the many years of cooking, and are often overlooked by today's "Bright and Shiny" places. A place to find authentic food products from Italy. Not a fancy display with fancy labels claiming to be authentic. 

Olindo's is one of my favorite places to shop for many of the hard to find items.  Our local grocery stores, especially as of late, have moved into their own branding with limited variety and in my opinion, of much lower quality. 

This is the only place that I will buy canned tomatoes (San Marzano and others). The variety is extensive and the quality of the products will add a new level to your cooking. In addition, their prices are not only competitive but often much lower than some others.

Olive oils, canned tomatoes, imported Italian cheeses makes it worth the trip.  

There is a wall of pastas from Italy, a small olive bar (currently at $5.99 lb) and all the flours and spices you will need for pizza dough, homemade pasta and breads, and anything else.

Don't overlook the pots and pans section either. I have used these at both the restaurants and and home for many years. Durable and price friendly. 

This is an absolute must. Pancetta is available in many large grocery places, but the Mastro Brand is the only one I use and this is where I buy mine, always.

Hard Cheese and other imported quality items are in the cooler section, along with cured meats other italian delights. The difference in quality is very apparent. Sorry local chains and others. 

The choice of original italian home espresso machines are all very good quality. 

Say hello to the Italian woman who work the registers and ask them for guidance if you need any.  That's when you experience exactly what it's like to grow up in an Italian household. 
Tell them you saw this here, so they know how you found them.

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