Like many of us, what started out as simply helping our mothers in the kitchen at a young age has led to a life of cooking and eating with great joy.

        Sidelined by health issues after more than twenty years of owning my own neighborhood  restaurants, I find myself still needing to share what I love to do, cook. My 10,000 hours have been spent cooking and serving food for the public to consume and criticize. I have not only learned a great deal from my customers about people’s taste in food, but many have provided wonderful fodder and insight into human behavior.

           The recipes, tales, and crazy occurrences that resulted from those businesses are the focus of this outlet. From food to philosophy; from the psychology of the average to the psychosis of the fringes; it all seemed to happen at one little storefront in our diminishing downtown...

  -John Vito

Food, stories, iPad photography and hand-modeling by John Vito.
Website, professional photography and lots of other hard work by Alene Pierro, and others.